NORT is a new type of light fitting.

Designed to reduce energy consumption in both manufacture and operation by using our VenTEC Airflow system, innovative manufacturing and the latest Bio Plastics.

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According to the Department for Environment, Building waste accounts for 50% of UK waste. As a creative agency designing products and interior spaces this makes uncomfortable reading. In order to make a real difference, we need to start thinking about areas that we can introduce more sustainability. Lighting design has always been an area that fascinates us and one we felt would be a good place to start. Partnering with Shoplight & Hexa-cubed we created NORT.

NORT has been designed as a circular economy product, addressing 3 important issues:

1. NORT is made from Bio Plastic rather than traditional aluminium which reduces carbon emissions during manufacture by up to 95%

2. NORT utilises our VenTEC Airflow System to keep all internal components cool, using less energy and increasing the life of the product.

3. NORT is 3D printed which means no waste and no tooling costs. This also allows us the freedom to innovate and improve as new technologies become available. By decentralising our manufacturing process, we are able to further reduce our carbon emissions by up to 25%

VenTECAirflow System®

Our Patent Pending technology uses aerodynamic principles to take the heat away from the sources and boost natural convection.

In all orientations heat is directed away from the LED and driver, allowing them to run at a lower temperature, increasing the life span and overall efficiency.


Our modular design approach means that NORT can be easily updated to take advantage of the latest and most energy efficient components. The inner cartridge system also enables easy dis-assembly, in the event that the driver or LED needs to be replaced or upgraded