Whilst in China working on the 9+ project we were introduced to the complex world of Baijui. A clear colourless spirit often likened to Whisky for its history and complexity of flavour. Each type of Baijiu uses distinct ingredients unique to the region and distillery, creating very different characteristic and flavour profiles. Usually drunk as a short Baijui has become the drink of choice for both Bar and Business culture.

Branding  |  Concept design  |  Store design  |  Packaging
Although there are now many Global brands in the Baijui market, traditionally it was locally produced and sold in containers in local stores.
We were tasked with creating a new brand of Baijui that embraces the traditional values of the product whilst retaining its connection with the local markets. We worked with the client naming the brand Shoa Mi (roughly translated as Burning Secret) referring to the unique and complex ingredients.
We also created a dispensing store modernising the traditional sales experience, allowing the customer to choose the quality and quality in store. The packaging was also designed to be highly recognisable and re usable, reducing waste and encouraging customers to return and refill.