VAULT is a fully customisable lighting system that can form a ceiling in any space, and is also easily reconfigurable. Made up of 3 main components the VAULT lighting system allows you to build any configuration from linear pendants to full ceiling grids.

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We developed up the concept in-house and then searched for a partner to provide the technical input. Swedish company Atelje Lyktan was the perfect partner to collaborate with, they have a great reputation for being a progressive experimental company and embrace new concepts and ideas. Despite being a global company VAULT was their first design collaboration outside of Sweden so we were honoured to develop the idea with them. Working with their in-house engineers we were able to prototype all elements of the product, test and perfect the junctions between the blocks and light bars and experiment with different difusers.
Each VAULT block has connections for up to 4 light bars and really is the starting point for what is possible. Giving the Architect/Designer the opportunity to build a continuous light pattern that will enhance any architectural space, the light system is perfect for open or double height ceilings. Other opportunities such as colour changing and light animation functions, allow the user to control any environment in relation to time of day or the intensity of the activity taking place.

“The design proposal caught our interest as soon as we saw it. The result of our hard work and passion is a great looking, flexible product that is easy to install and has great light comfort.”

Christer Högström, R&D Manager at ateljé Lyktan
Available in 3 standard lengths 1144, 1564 and 1984 the light profiles can be connected to illuminate both up and down, or inwards to create very different light variations. The grid can also be used in conjunction with acoustic tiles or stretched fabric panels making it suitable for hospitality projects.
We are looking forward to developing the VAULT system into a family of fittings and continuing our working relationship with Atelje Lyktan.
Press & Awards:
FX* Awards
Lighting Product of the Year 2019 - Winner

The Lux Awards
Interior Luminaire of the Year 2019 - Highly Commended