RNIBUnited Kingdom

We were approached by the RNIB to redefine their retail offer and capitalise on their unique position – as a national organisation – to educate and influence customers, their family and friends. Working with the RNIB we quickly realised that the opportunity was much bigger than a retail store and the project evolved into the LifeStore.

The LifeStore consists of a retail/Consultation space and a cafe and events space with integrated recording facilities for live performances. Keen to provide a space that would appeal to both able sited and blind visitors Lifestore events cover everything from book readings to live music performances. The RNIB has a huge range of products and aids for blind and partially sited people, but the challenge is as a blind person it is impossible to browse without the direct help of a staff member. To avoid huge staff numbers we included a cloud tag system which allows the customer to scan product areas with a tablet, which gives an audio review of each product allowing the customer to make an informed decision.
Linking the online store to the physical store through the tablet, customers are able to purchase the products in store and have them delivered to their home within 24hrs and installed by a RNIB volunteer.